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Online-Only Classes Starting Monday, January 17th

January 13th, 2022

To the students of Ehle Institute

Ehle Institute

Principal Daisaku Hagihara


Online-Only Classes Starting Monday, January 17th


The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Osaka prefecture. The Omicron variant is already spreading throughout the city. This time, many people are mildly ill or asymptomatic, and the infection is spreading without their knowledge. As a school, for the safety and health of the students, all classes will be held exclusively online starting Monday, January 17th as follows.


  1. All classes will be online classes. Students should attend online classes at home instead of coming to school. The rules for attendance for online participation are the same as before.
  2. Individual visits are possible for errands such as certificate issuance requests or individual counseling. Please be careful of infection when you come to school. Always wear a mask and measure your temperature when entering the school buildings.
  3. We will observe the coronavirus situation in Osaka Prefecture, and consider the resumption of regular classes accordingly, by which time we will contact you again.
  4. Please take thorough measures to prevent infection. If you become infected, please be sure to contact the school immediately.