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School response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus

February 7th, 2022

School response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus

Ehle Institute


  1. Class policy for this semester

We will continue the current online-only classes until the end of the school year. We will inform you about the next school year’s classes again at the end of February.


  1. Suspension of attendance due to covid-19 infection, etc. = Handling of authorized absences

Currently, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has caused prolonged handling times for PCR laboratories, hospitals, and health centers to provide medical examinations. It takes a considerable amount of time from the appearance of symptoms of suspected covid-19 infection to the arrival of test results. Therefore, the school will suspend attendance for classes this semester as follows.

① Students infected with covid-19, or who display the same symptoms, will report their condition by self-diagnosis, and if judged that there is a possibility of infection, attendance will be suspended.

② The period for attendance suspension is 10 days counted from the day after the symptoms first appeared, a total of 11 days.

③ If a student still displays symptoms after the 10 days, attendance suspension will be continued until the symptoms disappear.

④ If a student displaying symptoms similar to the common cold was suspended for attendance recovers quickly and takes a negative PCR test, the suspension of attendance will be lifted when submitting negative test documentation.

⑤ If there is a possibility of close contact but there are no symptoms, students can participate in online classes. Attendance will not be suspended. Please pay close attention to your health according to the following criteria.


  1. About current information of the coronavirus infection

① Osaka Prefecture’s website. A special site related to COVID-19 infection. Information regarding contact with the public health center, testing for infection, and visiting a medical institution is available. (in English)

Self-quarantine SOS 0570-055221


② Regarding medical examinations and tests, the following judgments are shown on the same page.


Possibility of close contact with infected No possibility of close contact with infected
No symptoms Do not get tested, self-quarantine for 7 days from the last contact.


Be aware of symptoms and measure your body temperature daily for 10 days

Persons worried about infection can get tested at free drop-in facilities (“Free inspection business”)

Available until the pre-emergency measures are removed Feb 20th

Show of symptoms Consult a medical institution as soon as possible


If living with family: A doctor will make a judgement based on clinical symptoms

Others: A doctor will make a judgement based on the test result

Consult a medical institution as soon as possible


  • The public health center will continue to conduct examinations at high-risk facilities such as homes for the elderly.
  • It is possible to seek advice at the public health center regarding examination at children facilities such as nursery schools


③ The definition for close contact is judged as following

  • Is living together with an infected person or have spent several hours together with an infected person
  • Have spent more than 15 minutes without using a mask within arms-length (approx. 1 meter) distance to an infected person


④ Search for medical institutions here

List of medical institutions and testing facilities (in Japanese)

List of medical institutions providing services online (in Japanese)



  1. School response to the strain on the PCR test system in Osaka Prefecture

Currently, PCR laboratories and medical institutions are very strained, and it is not possible to receive medical examinations and medical treatments smoothly. The school is currently preparing simple test kits, which will be available for use by students as soon as the preparations are completed.


  1. Other precautions

① Please wear a mask, wash your hands thoroughly, and gargle to avoid further spread of the virus

② The Omicron strain is highly infectious. Avoid eating out with a large number of people.

③ We still do not know how the situation will be in March. We therefore strongly suggest you avoid returning to your country during the spring vacation.