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Rules for combined classes

Published on March 17th, 2021


Rules for combined classes


  1. Rules for class attendance
  • Combined face-to-face and online classes to restrict the number of people who come to school are called “combined classes”. Half of the students attend class online, while half of the students attend the class in the classroom.
  • On days of face-to-face classes, students come to school to study. Make sure to come to school on the allotted days. We do not accept online attendance on those days and will mark such attendance as an absence.
  • Please study online in your own home for online classes. Students access classes by using Zoom. We do not accept face-to-face attendance on online days and will mark such attendance as an absence. However, if you have trouble with your home Wi-fi and are unable to attend classes online, please consult the staff of your department and follow their instructions.
  • Students are required to attend face-to-face classes and thus we do not accept full-time online attendance. However, we make an exception for students on the following conditions.

① Students currently residing overseas or far away and are unable to come to school due to travel restrictions.

② Students who are infected with Covid-19 or have spent time with someone infected, and are instructed not to go to school by the public health center.

③ Students with chronic conditions which could worsen if infected, and who have a doctor’s note or a parental consent form, and therefore is in self-quarantine. Part-time work is not permitted for such students. We will check your condition regularly by the use of video calls.


  1. Rules for online classes

① Please make sure to arrange a working internet environment to be able to attend classes.
Please prepare a computer or tablet.

Please make sure to have access to a Wi-fi connection.

② Always make sure your face is showing during online classes. Also, if you do not answer even after the teacher has called your name twice, you will be marked as absent.


  1. Please take measures to prevent infection when you come to school

① Make sure to always use a mask

② Measure your body temperature and disinfect your hand when entering school buildings.

③ We will install desk guards in all classrooms to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Please use them carefully.

④ Do not attend class if you have a fever, cough, or any other cold-related symptoms. If you feel sick, please rest at home or visit a hospital. Do not attend online classes.


  1. Timing of implementation of full-scale face-to-face classes

We will shift to full-face face-to-face lessons when the time comes, after considering the situation of society as a whole. Further information will be announced again by the school.