Course Guide

Short Term Course
(Lesson for 3 months)2022-2023


Long-term-Course-Audit Course

  1. Go further with your Japanese skills
    Intermediate to Advanced level (JLPT N4 or above) Learn in our long-term classes and curriculum. Advance all four areas of your Japanese skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

  2. You can take the same curriculum with the long-term students together.
    (Except “Career Design”(contents are life guidance and class activities), “individual career guidance,” and “pilot exams” during the class.)

  3. July starters and January starters have different schedules
    October starters’ schedule is the same as those of our long-term course students. January starters are likewise, but shorten than the October term. There is no class during the spring break, and the tuition is cheaper as well.


Term Period Placement Test Tuition THE MEAN OF CONDUCTING CLASSES
October October 14 (Fri.) ~ December 23(Fri.) October 3(Mon.) ¥180,000 Come to school, and take face-to-face class
January January 11 (Wed.) ~ February 28(Tue.) January 10(Tue.) ¥120,000 Come to school, and take face-to-face class
Depending on the situation of Covid-19’s infection in Osaka, it might happens to be all online classes.
Short-term course students do not have classes when the pilot tests and school’s extra activities are conducted.


Short-term Course(45 minutes/ 1 class)
・Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-15:00(Japan time)
・Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-12:20(Japan time)
*Among these curriculums, short-term course students do not need to take “career design (class activity),” conducting one session a week.
Time schedule example
Time Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1 9:00-9:45 Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Vocabulary Intermediate Vocabulary
2 9:50-10:35 Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Vocabulary Intermediate Vocabulary
3 10:45-11:30 Intermediate Reading Intermediate Reading Intermediate Reading Intermediate Writing Intermediate Speaking
4 11:35-12:20 Intermediate Reading Intermediate Reading Intermediate Reading Intermediate Writing Intermediate Speaking
5 12:20-13:25 Lunch break
6 13:25-14:10 Intermediate Listening Intermediate Listening Intermediate Listening
7 14:15-15:00 Integrated Activity (test prep.) School Seminar Career Design Integrated Activity (test prep.)


Long-term enrollment fee, ¥70,000, will be waived if registered for the both long and a short-term course.


those who are aged 18-29, and have completed 12-year-school education outside of Japan. If you are unqualified of this condition, please consult with us in advance.


【Those who wish to take October・January term】
1. Submit the indicated documents to our school or send them by e-mail ( two weeks prior to the Placement Test.
2. After submitting the application documents to our school, please pay the tuition to school’s designated account. If we will have not confirmed tuition payment by one week prior to the start day,your enrollment will not be certainly assured.


1. Application form (everybody)
2. Photocopy of passport (everybody)
3. Photos(3cm×4cm in size)
4. Photocopy of resident card…those who live in Japan only


【Acquisition of Short-Term Stay visa in order to come to Japan】
Currently (as of July 1st, 2022), an individual tourist cannot enter Japan without Short-Term Stay visa. To those who reside overseas and wish to take EHLE’s Short-Term Course, please turn in EHLE’s application documents to us through a study abroad agency. After that, we will provide you the visa application’s documents which will be requested by Japanese Embassy or Consulate. Note:With regards to an acquisiton of visa, you are responsible for this.
【To those who will take Long-Term Course after Short-Term Course, Temporary return to your country (the change of visa at Japanese Embassy or Consulate)】>
To those who will take Long-Term Course after Short-Term Course, you must temporary return to your country in order to change your visa at Japanese Embassy or Consulate. You cannot change your visa to “Long-Term Stay” at Osaka Immigration Bureau.
【The things you must prepare when you come to Japan】
In your country, please buy the overseas travel insurance of longer than 90 days, which covers the illness medical expenses, and please provide the copy of its contract to school. In addition, do not forget to bring Thermometer, Smart phone (If you have laptop, tablet, please bring these too.) and spare of Mask.
【As for taking class】
1. You are required to comlete the lessons for short-term’s designated period.
2. Although you do not belong to the long-term course, but this is the good chance for you to take the same carriculums with the long-term course. You must keep the attendance rate higher than 95%.
【As for the refund of tuition】
1. If you want to cancel, please let us know it in a document. In this case, we will refund you all of the tuition. (However, you must bear the transfer fee for this transaction.)
2.Once the course started, no matter what reason you have, but we cannot refund you any tuition.
1.If your attendance rate is higher than 85% during the designated term period, you will receive “The Certificate of Course Completion.”
2.The certificates that can be issued for short-term course students are “The Certificate of Attendance and Grade” and “The Certificate of Course Completion,”

Class fee payment destination

  • Bank  : ■りそな銀行 ■RESONA BANK Limited
  • Branch  : ■生野支店  ■IKUNO BRANCH
  • Account number : ■普通 583313 ■583313
  • Account holder : ■学校法人エール学園 ■EHLE INSTITUTE
  • Bank locationn : ■大阪市生野区中川6-9-18 ■6-9-18 NAKAGAWA , IKUNOKU , OSAKA,JAPAN
  • Bank phone number : 06-6751-1251
  • Ehle Institute Address : ■大阪市浪速区難波中3-13-1 ■3-13-1,NAMBANAKA,NANIWA-KU,OSAKA JAPAN