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Course Guide

Art Course


3 key points of Art Course

Be prepared for the admissions of universities or vocational schools! Well-organized exam strategies are here.

Challenge and pass JLPT N1, N2!

Step into the Design & Creative Industry !

After completing EHLE Art Course, you will be given priority application to Osaka Sogo College of Design !

The career guidance and one-on-one advising corresponding with each students’ goals

Osaka Sogo College of Design (OSCD) is the school of design with a long history, adopted the comic drawing in curriculum for the first time in Japan. The programs of this school are wide and various, such as comic, animation, comic art, graphic design, IT・3D computer graphics, and thus you will be able to acquire the professional skills in order to be a designer as career.


■Class description of main Japanese subjects■
Subject Contents
Reading Develops basic reading technique and the comprehension skill for the attentive reading of a document and an article, includes test preparation.
Grammar Lean the sentence patterns from the basic to an upper applied level as using a reading material, includes test preparation.
Vocabulary Lean the vocabulary in the reading materials and those of JLPT N3・N2・N1 levels.
Speaking Acquire conversation skill from basic to upper level, including daily, description, assertion, persuasion, etc.
Vocabulary Lean the vocabulary in the reading materials and those of JLPT N3・N2・N1 levels.
Writing Acquire basic writing skill with appropriate pattern and vocabulary usage and learn sentence structures and expressions.
Integrated Activity (JLPT prep.) Through the mini quiz, regularly check students’ progress from the basic level to the advanced level, and prepare for the JLPT exam at times.
School Seminar /
Career Design
Find the best path for each and learn the keys to achieve one’s goal.
■Class description of main Art subjects■
Subject Contents
The basis of Art
“Dessin (drawing)”
You will learn the dessin (drawing) in this class, which is the basis of the figurative arts.
You will train the sense of appreciation (the audience’s point of view) as well as creator’s point of view,
“how to capture the objects” which enables you to view the objects with the concept of the figurative arts.
●Basic training of drawing●Classify objects by its shapes and figures●The practice of capturing the objects
●Dessin (drawing)(basic shapes・human)●Measurement of human’s body●How to draw each parts of the face
Art 1 “comic” You will mainly learn how to draw comic’s characters.
You will practice the technique of drawing, such as expressing the episodes of your daily lives by the portraits or the illustrated dairies,
and gradually improve your expressiveness which can be understood by the audience.
●Draw character’s face●Draw character and portray of its hands●Draw characters’ standing posture
●Draw each pose of Sitting・Walking, Running●Draw the characters and learn your ability of expression etc.
Art 2 “children’s book” Children’s book―portrayed by the drawings and described with the short words.
You will learn how to make the children’s books, using Japanese comic’s drawing techniques.
Eventually you will make up one original book by yourself, throughout these workloads you can experiment the total process of creation.
●Planning and writing a proposal●Creating characters●Drawing●Bookbinding
●Arrange the panels●sketch●To ink over pencil drawing●Finish up●Workshop, share opinions.


Time Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1 9:00-9:45 Grammar Grammar Grammar Vocabulary Vocabulary
2 9:50-10:35 Grammar Grammar Grammar Vocabulary Vocabulary
3 10:45-11:30 Reading Reading Reading Writing Speaking
4 11:35-12:20 Reading Reading Reading Writing Speaking
5 12:20-13:25 Lunch break
6 13:25-14:10 Listening The basis of Art
“Dessin (drawing)”
Listening Art 1 “comic” Listening
7 14:15-15:00 Integrated Activity
(JLPT prep.)
The basis of Art
“Dessin (drawing)”
School Seminar
Career Design
Art 1 “comic” Integrated Activity
(JLPT prep.)