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Course Guide

General School Preparatory Course


APRIL Admission
  • 1 year N5 Level
  • 2 yearN5 Level
OCTOBER Admission
  • 1.5years N5Level

Course Objectives

General School Preparatory Course is suitable for students who wish to brush up Japanese language ability, or want to go to Private Universities or Vocational School, or find a job. The major objective of this course is to enhance Japanese language ability. Basically, course curriculum is aimed at letting students pass JLPT N1, N2, and class mentors conduct career guidance based on each student’s needs and objectives.

3 Key Points to Achieve Your Dream

Strategy to Pass a Useful Test for School or Job

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1, N2!

Future University Applicants,

improve the score of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students.

Instruction and Career Guidance

Suitable for each student’s objective!

Class description ※Intensive Japanese for beginners

Reading Develops basic reading technique and the comprehension skill for the attentive reading of a document and an article, includes test preparation.
Grammar Lean the sentence patterns from the basic to an upper applied level as using a reading material, includes test preparation.
Vocabulary Lean the vocabulary in the reading materials and those of JLPT N3・N2・N1 levels.
Listening Listening practice from basic to JLPT or EJU level.
Speaking Acquire conversation skill from basic to upper level, including daily, description, assertion, persuasion, etc.
Writing Acquire basic writing skill with appropriate pattern and vocabulary usage and learn sentence structures and expressions.
Integrated Activity [local research, presentation etc.] Regular activities aimed for a research on community, local cultural exchange, and Japanese skill enhancement to be presented in each semester.
School Seminar / Career Design Find the best path for each and learn the keys to achieve one’s goal.

Time schedule example (Intermediate level )

Time Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
1 9:00-9:45 Grammar Grammar Grammar Vocabulary Vocabulary
2 9:50-10:35 Grammar Grammar Grammar Vocabulary Vocabulary
3 10:45-11:30 Reading Reading Reading Writing Speaking
4 11:35-12:20 Reading Reading Reading Writing Speaking
5 12:20-13:25 Lunch break
6 13:25-14:10 Listening Listening Listening
7 14:15-15:00 Integrated Activity (test prep.) School Seminar Career Design Integrated Activity (test prep.)
大阪大学 外国語学部

Lu Anjie

Accepted to Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, Doshisha University

There are mainly two reasons why I chose Ehle. One is its course; it’s a full-time course, and it has EJU class that covers sciences and math. I was glad I could study sciences at Ehle and that I didn’t have to separately go to a clam school, which I wouldn’t like, for that. The second reason is school activities; there are many school events to enjoy, like, extracurricular activities or international exchange festivals. It’s very nice to have lots of other things to enjoy as a student than just classes. I enjoyed my days at Ehle so much. The environment’s great, it’s not too up-tight. There are lots of funny teachers that helped me to relax and enjoy classes. Thanks to the environment and the teachers, my Japanese skills have improved so much. The teachers were always available to hear my concerns and questions. That helped me to keep on going, too.
Having my mom being a good doctor, medicine was the field I wanted to study in university. I struggled in studying for university exam a lot and it wasn’t easy until I finally got accepted. I’ve never really thought I was very smart, so, I gave up all the hanging out with my friends, and I just kept on studying Japanese and Sciences so hard for one year and a half. When I first failed a 2nd-stage entrance exam, I was devastated thinking all my effort didn’t get paid off. My mentor kept on supporting and encouraging me and that helped me get back on my feet. In the end, keeping my calm, I took another shot, and I got accepted. I very much appreciate all my teachers and Ehle.
What I’d suggest all the international students who are studying for higher education is to never give up pursuing their dream.