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About Class Policy from April 2022

March 23rd, 2022

Ehle Institute
Principal Daisaku Hagihara


About Class Policy from April 2022


To the new and current students, faculty, and staff of Ehle Institute


The COVID quasi-emergency measures were lifted nationwide on March 22nd. However, the infection rate remains high, and we must continue to take basic measures to prevent infection and manage classes while protecting the health of students, faculty, and staff. Classes will be held from April 2022 according to the following policy.


1.For the time being, classes will be “mixed classes” that combine online classes and face-to-face classes.

Classes that combine online and face-to-face classes to limit the number of students in the classroom are called “mixed classes.” Half of the classes are online classes, and half are face-to-face classes, held simultaneously. Each class will be divided into school attendance and online groups and will be attended alternately. Each department will inform you when you will be attending school or online.


2.Please follow the rules for attending mixed classes.


①On days of face-to-face classes, you will attend classes at school. Be sure to attend school on the designated days. On such days, online participation is not permitted and will be marked as an absence.

②On days of online classes, you will attend classes from your home. Students participate in online classes using Zoom. On such days, classroom attendance will not be permitted. However, if your home Wi-Fi should stop working, please contact the staff of your department and follow their instructions.

③ It is every student’s responsibility to come to school, so we will as a principle not allow online-only attendance. However, we will make an exception in the following cases:

  • ・New students who are restricted from entering Japan and participate in online classes overseas or quarantine areas. However, in principle, online classes from your home country will not be accepted if an enrolled student chooses to return to their home country temporarily. As a general rule, stay in Japan during the semester.
  • ・Students who are restricted from visiting the school by the public health center due to being infected with COVID-19 or being a close contact.
  • ・Students who have been submitted a medical certificate from a doctor and a consent form from their parents, who have a prior illness which may become serious due to infection, and who voluntarily quarantine at home and restrict going out. Part-time work is not permitted if you are only taking online classes. We will check the status of your home quarantine regularly through video phone calls.


④ Please observe the following when taking classes online.

  • ・Please make sure to arrange a working internet environment to be able to attend classes. Please prepare a computer or tablet and make sure to have access to a Wi-fi connection.
  • ・Always make sure your face is showing during online classes. Also, if you do not answer even after the teacher has called your name twice, you will be marked as absent.


⑤ Please take measures to prevent infection when you come to school

  • ・Make sure to always use a mask
  • ・Measure your body temperature and disinfect your hands when entering school buildings.
  • ・Please enjoy lunch in silence. It is not allowed to speak while not wearing a mask
  • ・Desk guards are installed in all classrooms to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Please use them carefully.
  • ・Do not attend class if you have a fever, cough, or any other cold-related symptoms. If you feel sick, please rest at home or visit a hospital. Do not attend online classes.


  1. Coming to school outside of classes

It is possible to come to school for individual reasons such as certificate issuance and guidance. For usage of the self-study room outside class hours, please follow the instructions of each department.

  1. Timing of implementation of full-scale face-to-face classes

We will shift to full-face face-to-face lessons when the time comes, after considering the situation of society as a whole. Further information will be announced again by the school.