The course is
great because:

The course is great because:

Achieved 100% Five-year cumulative rate of
Employment and Job Offer
(Ehle's Department of International Business
and Department of International Communication)


Cultivates a student to be the skillful business person and will be the core in the Japanese company


Helps students acquire the Japanese skills quickly and effectively,
from N3 to the business level which is indsipensable when working at the Japanese companies.


Ehle has the network with more than 300 companies,
therefore you have a lot of chances to research about these companies,
learn through the working experiences, and examine your aptitude toward career.


You can make the use of Ehle's support program in any situation, such as study, life, and part-time job.
Please do not worry, and focus on realizing your dreams!

Since the day you enter Ehle
till the day start working, EHLE will be your "one stop",
and gives you all assitance to let you go out to the business world.

3 keys to get a job at
the Japanese companies in the short time


The special classes designed to learn the skills and knowledge about job-hunting
(in the afternoon)

Develop the ability of "practice" and the strong mind, which are necesssary at Japanese companies


Japanese language classes by level from intermediate to

Regularly taking the weekly quiz keeps your motivation


Individual career guidance held by
a specialized career coach

Makes your dream come true if you already have N3

Japanese Companies' Employment Course Curriculum

Upgrading the Business Skill

Business skill means some skills and ability,
which are indispensable as the business person in order to assign the task.

Curriculum example
School term Number of Classes Content
April-May One day
(2 classes) per week
  • Student and business person
  • Meaning of Labor
  • Meaning of Company
  • Human relations
  • Communication at work
June-July One day
(2 classes) per week
  • Job management
  • Efficiency Strategy
  • Setting a goal
  • Routine and Non-routine tasks
  • Ho-Ren-So (“Report, Inform, Consult”) etc.
August- the following February One day
(2 classes) per week
  • The knowledge about Business writing
  • How to write the document
  • How to revise the documents
  • How to use information
  • The theory of Mangement
  • How to make the proposal (PPT)
  • Presentation
  • Compliance
  • Some manars you need to know when visiting the company
  • How to write CVs
  • Interview practice etc.

Business Manners

You will learn the business manner from the basic to the professional level, such as greetings, attire, the word of choice, exchanging the card, e-mail/telephone etiquette.
Especially, Japanese working environment has the unique culture and manner.
Therefore, understanding these points helps you work smoothly and do your job even after going out to the society.

Curriculum example
School term Number of Classes Content
April- the following February One day
(2 classes) per week
  • The Basic Manner
  • Intracompany communication etiquette
  • Mail/phone etiquette
  • Customer service etiquette
  • Business writing etiquette Practice
  • Manners in business dining, congratulations and Condolences

IT Skills in Business

You will learn the skill of business writing and the basis of spreadsheet.
Also, through using PPT and the practice of presentation, you will acquire the practical business IT technique.

Curriculum example
School term Number of Classes Content
April-September once (2 classes) per every other week <Microsoft Word>
  • Basic Operation
  • Text/layout, format, paragraph and changing lines
  • Bullet points and paragraph numbers
  • Tabs and Indent settings
  • Inserting images and shapes
  • Headers and Footer settings
  • Styles and Outlines
  • Table of Contents
  • The management of writing record and its setting
  • Print with Insertion
April-September once (2 classes) per every other week <Microsoft Excel>
  • Cells and formatting
  • Making Chart, operating columns and rows
  • Refer the formula and cell
  • The basic Formula
  • Sort and filter/Conditional format
  • Effective chart development and operation techniques
  • Developing and designing clear and simple graphs
  • Automatical recording of Macro
October- the following February once (2 classes) per week <Microsoft Powerpoint>
  • The basis of Powerpoint slide
  • Purpose of making the Powerpoint slide
  • Key point of Powerpoint slide
  • Work efficiency improvement
  • The function and operation of Slideshow
  • Presentation development and implementation

Corporate Research

This is the course to deepen your understanding toward the indusry and the corporation,
in order to examine your aptitude for career and find the best match with the company.
Corporate Research is the most important process at job-hunting.

Curriculum example
School term Number of Classes Content
April- the following February once (2 classes) per week 1.Corporate research
2.Visiting the companies
3.leaning through the experiences
4.Career guidance

Japanese Companies' Employment Course
The introduction of staff

Programs with a variety of contents to let you learn the essentials required by the Japanese companies.
The teachers in charge will do their best and instruct you throughly .

The Voice of Our Graduates
EHLE leads you to your dream



I learned how to develop a CV, business terms, and interview responses. I found studying business terms the most useful, it helped me at phone conversations and interviews during my job-hunting. I’ve signed up for company briefings on a recruitment site, which led me to some interviews, and I went through in a tough competition with all other students including Japanese, I got offers by two companies. In the process of job-hunting, you need to have the positive attitude in addition to skills and knowledge you have learned at school. Thanks to Ehle, I always kept my confidence in myself and was ready to tackle anything.



When I got here, I did not have any working experience besides the part-time job I had after graduating college in Vietnam. I was not good at Japanese either. I do not have any confidence in myself to go through job-hunting. I was very worried. Ehle Institute taught me so many things. Thanks to the teachers, I got the notification of employment, and I was so happy. The knowledge and experiences I learned in the classes of business manners, interview practices, job seminars, and visiting the companies still help me a lot at work everyday.



I graduated from Vietnam National University with the degree of Mechatronics then I came here. Japanese companies highly evaluates the communication skills such as Ho-Ren-So (“Report, Inform, Consult”), therefore I wanted to improve my Japanese ability as well as to aim to find a job in Japan, thus I decided to enter Ehle. At school, I learned things including how to do job-hunting in Japan, how to write CV, and interview practices. Teachers were very enthusiastic and helpful. The company I am working rignt now is my teacher introduced me. It really suits me, and I really enjoy my life everyday.

Japanese Companies' Employment Course