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Announcement regarding the continuation of online classes due to the prolonged state of emergency

May 10th, 2021

To the students of Ehle Institute

Announcement regarding the continuation of online classes due to the prolonged state of emergency

Ehle Institute
Principal Daisaku Hagihara


The state of emergency in Osaka prefecture has been prolonged until May 31st. We have temporarily cancelled our combined online and face-to-face classes to only hold online classes and we hereby extend the intended time period for online classes.

The new time period is until the state of emergency is removed, and we will reconsider the start of combined classes when a removal announcement is made by the Osaka prefectural government.


Covid-19 and its variations are spreading fast in Osaka prefecture. We ask all students to be more careful than ever to avoid getting infected.


Please read below for a list of precautions.


  1. About coming to school

Students are allowed to come to school to apply for documents, to receive textbooks, and to meet with their mentors. When coming to school, please cooperate in measuring your temperature and disinfecting your hands. Do not come to school if you have a fever, cough, or similar symptoms of a cold. If you are sick, please visit a hospital.


  1. About classes

① All classes are online classes. Please participate in classes in your own home.

② If you have problems with your computer or your wi-fi, make sure to contact your mentor to be able to participate in classes in the classroom. Please return home immediately after the class is finished.

③ If you get infected with covid-19, and are in quarantine, please focus on your recuperation at home. We do not allow participation in online classes while in quarantine.


  1. Precautions regarding everyday life

① Please eat and sleep well, measure your body temperature daily, and monitor your health carefully. Wear a mask, disinfect and wash your hands thoroughly.

② If you suspect infection or have been in close contact with someone infected, please contact the Public Health Center and follow their instructions. Also, please contact the school and follow our instructions.

③ Regarding dining and drinking

  • Do not participate in dinners or drinking parties. Please turn down any invitations.
  • Do not drink alcohol in parks, in the streets, or other public places.
  • Avoid eating and having conversations at the same time, even with just a few people. When speaking, always use a mask. (Only remove the mask when eating, and put it on again when speaking).
  • Do not share cups or chopsticks. Have your own set.
  • Sit diagonally opposite to other people. (Avoid facing other people directly opposite)

④ Precautions regarding part-time work

  • Always wear a mask while working.
  • Do not participate in conversations while eating on your breaks. Always wear a mask while speaking.
  • Avoid the “Three C’s” (Confined spaces, Crowded places, Close contact). Be conscious of the ventilation of your work area and keep social distance.
  • In the event that you get infected with covid-19, please contact your work as well as the school.

⑤ Precautions for students who live together with other people.

  • Discuss infection prevention measures and be careful together. Details follow below
    • Please ventilate any shared spaces. Keep shared spaces tidy and disinfected.
    • Measure your body temperature every day and report to each other.
    • If you get sick or have any symptoms, please wear a mask even at home.
    • Please follow the infection prevention precautions properly, and help each other to follow them. For example, if a person living with you is planning to attend a party, please stop them.
    • Do not share towels or drink from the same cups or bottles.
    • If you are feeling sick, please have your meals alone.
    • Keep garbage enclosed and throw it away. (A used tissue can be contagious)


End of announcement