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About classes from October (final decision)

September 29th, 2021

To the faculty staff and current students of Ehle Institute

Ehle Institute

Principal Daisaku Hagihara

About classes from October (final decision)

The second-semester classes will start in October. The currently declared state of emergency will be lifted in the whole country on September 30th. Therefore, we will resume “mixed classes that combine face-to-face classes and online classes” starting Monday, October 11th. Classes until Friday, October 8th will be held exclusively online.

1. Please follow the school day/online day schedule from October 11th which will be announced by each department soon.

2. The rules for face-to-face classes, where students come to school to study, and online classes, where students participate in classes online from their own homes, will be the same as before

3. On school days, please continue to avoid infection by following prevention measures. Disinfect your hands and measure your body temperature when entering the school buildings. Please wear a mask. Please enjoy your meals silently at lunch.

End of notice