There are two short-term courses at Ehle

■Short-Term Course for Beginners

  1. mprove your Japanese conversational skills
    Short-Term Course for Beginners enhances each of your skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing and raise your communication skills through conversation.
  2. There are cultural experiences and extracurricular activities.

■Long-term-Course-Audit Course

  1. Go further with your Japanese skills
    Intermediate to Advanced level (JLPT N4 or above) Learn in our long-term classes and curriculum.
    Advance all four areas of your Japanese skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
  2. Learn the same class content as our long-term course students. There are class-mentors (homeroom teachers) you can talk to about career and daily life. You could audit our preparatory course classes (‘University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University’, ‘Public/National University’ or ‘Graduate School’) through the audit course, too.
    Note: one would need to pass the placement test. 20,000 yen fee is required
  3. July starters and January starters have different schedules
    April and October starters’ schedules are the same as those of our long-term course students.
    July and January starters will have different schedules during summer/spring break in the long-term course.

Course term

※250 hrs/3 months

Short-Term Course for Beginners

  • April starters: Wednesday, April 10-Friday, June 21 ※Placement test: Tuesday, April 9 
    ※School break: April 29-May 6
  • July starters: Monday, July 2-Friday, September 13  ※Placement test: Monday, July 1
    ※School break: August 12-August 16
  • October starters: Wednesday, October 9-Friday, December 20 ※Placement test: Tuesday, October 8
    ※School break: November 4-November 8
  • January starters: Tuesday, January 14-Thursday, March 19 ※Placement test: Friday, January 10

Long-term-Course-Audit Course

  • April starters : Friday, April 12-Wednesday, June 26
    ※ Placement test: Tuesday, April 9
  • July starters : Tuesday, July 2-Tuesday, September 17
    ※Placement test : Monday, July 1
    ※There are classes in the afternoon on 8/6(Tuesday), 8/8(Thursday).
  • October starters : Friday, October 11-Friday, December 20 ※Placement test: Tuesday, October 8
  • January starters : Tuesday, January 14-Thursday, March 19 
    ※Placement test: Friday, January 10
    ※There are classes in the afternoon on 3/3(Tuesday), 3/5(Thursday), 3/10(Tuesday),3/12(Thursday), 3/17(Tuesday), 3/19(Thursday).

Time schedule

Short-Term Course for Beginners

  • Monday-Thursday 9:00-14:35
    Friday 9:00-12:20

Long-term-Course-Audit Course

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-15:00
    Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-12:20
    (45 minute-classes)

Tuition and Fees

Short-Term Course for Beginners

  • ¥180,000 (250 hrs/3 months)

Long-term-Course-Audit Course

  • ¥180,000(250hrs/3 months)

※The above includes textbooks and extracurricular fees
Note: When an audit course student requests and passes the placement test for either ‘University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University’, ‘Public/National University’,  ‘Graduate School’ Preparatory Course, 20,000 yen-fee will be charged.

Fee exemption

Long-term enrollment fee, ¥70,000, will be waived if registered for the both long and a short-term course (250 hours) at the same time.

Application documents

①  Application form
② Photocopy of passport (and resident card )
③ 2 photos (3cm x 4cm in size)
④ If you need to acquire a visa, read the admission requirements and application carefully.

Admissions requirements and Application

  1. Requirements: Those who are age 18-29 as of the date of the course start-day.  If you do not meet this criterion, please consult with our school before submitting your application.
  2. Submit the indicated documents to our school by one week prior to the course start-day (only those who do not need to acquire a visa)
  3. After submitting the application documents to our school, please pay the tuition to the designated account shown on the right. If we will have not confirmed tuition payment by one week prior to the day course starts, your enrolment will not be certainly assured.
  4. An overseas applicant who needs to acquire a visa needs to submit the application form, photocopy of his/her passport, and two ID photos followed by payment of the tuition to the designated account shown on the right by one month prior to the school-start day (e.g. April starter’s application deadline is March 1).
  5. One is responsible for his/her own visa acquisition.(If you need to acquire a visa, please consult with our school before hand.)


≪About Courses≫

  1. The required hours of attendance for the short-term course are 250.
  2. The applicant for a long-term-course audit course who requests to join either ‘University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University’, ‘Public/National University’,  ‘Graduate School’ Preparatory Course’ must take English and other placement tests.
  3. One must have mastered the 50 Japanese syballary already in order to apply the short-term course for beginners.

≪Tuition refunds≫

  1. In case of a cancellation before the course starts, the full tuition fee will be returned (Note: Transaction fee for the money refund will be charged and deducted).
  2. Absolutely no tuition will be returned once the course starts.
  3. Dorm fee refund policy varies depending on the dorm.  Refer to the guidelines provided when moving into each dorm.  Yuso kaikan will not refund any fees after move-in.


  1. A certificate will be issued at the end of the course for those who attended for 250 hours and whose attendance rate is 85% or above.
  2. According to the railway regulations short-term course students do not have student discount .
  3. The certificates that can be issued for our short-term course students are of attendance, enrollment, enrollment duration, attendance and grades, and the course completion.

Class fee payment destination

  • Bank  : ■りそな銀行 ■RESONA BANK Limited
  • Branch  : ■生野支店  ■IKUNO BRANCH
  • Account number : ■普通 583313 ■583313
  • Account holder : ■学校法人エール学園 ■EHLE INSTITUTE
  • Bank locationn : ■大阪市生野区中川6-9-18 ■6-9-18 NAKAGAWA , IKUNOKU , OSAKA,JAPAN
  • Bank phone number : 06-6751-1251
  • Ehle Institute Address : ■大阪市浪速区難波中3-13-1 ■3-13-1,NAMBANAKA,NANIWA-KU,OSAKA JAPAN